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David is the owner of Austin Integrative Fitness and offers personal training, small group training, and movement therapy services.

His biggest allegiance is to the UNIQUENESS of the individual, a stark conviction that no two people are the same and should be treated accordingly. He’s committed to making his clients feel comfortable, uplifted, and welcomed in the gym environment, an experience that is too often characterized by feelings of confusion, fear, and even sometimes shame. Engaging in functional movement should be an integral part of life that is enjoyable and fulfilling, and you have his guarantee that he will make that ideal a reality when working with you.

This ethos leads to a four pronged approach to training: move better, feel better, perform better, look better.   He has a particular passion for those struggling to lose weight and those struggling with movement dysfunctions (e.g. pain, injury, etc.) that affect their quality of life.  He specializes in integrating these two domains, in a sense bridging the gap between movement therapy and exercise–hence, “Integrative Fitness”.  In this regard, David works with clients along all points of the functional continuum, whether they be relatively “normal” individuals just wanting to get fit all the way to those with the likes of Parkinson’s disease and chronic low back pain.

He is fellowship trained in Applied Functional Science (AFS) by the internationally renowned Gray Institute and a certified provider of Functional Manual Reaction (FMR). He is designated as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) and is certified as a NG360 Golf Performance Specialist (NG360 GPS) by Nike Golf and Gray Institute. He graduated with a bachelor’s of science in General Kinesiology, with honors, from UT-Austin in May of 2010. While at Texas, he worked in the strength and conditioning department with Men’s and Women’s basketball teams. Currently, he is pursuing his doctorate degree in physical therapy (DPT) at Texas State University.

David has an obsession of only wearing black socks.